Human v/s Artificial Machines

When a baby is born, it is like a clear new hard disk. It started learning, memorising, collecting raw facts and figures in the same way machine learning or artificial intelligence do. Initially, it requires a supervisor to tell what is good or bad after sometimes it started learning on its own. Train a baby will only be possible if the supervisors are already aware of the things very well. In its initial year’s a supervisor plays an important role. A baby needs to learn so many lessons and give so many exams to prove its performance metrics like accuracy, sensitivity, etc. The only constant support has been the supervisors for at least 15 years. The next phase of its life mostly depends on the weights it comprehended from its last phase. This phase is like unsupervised or reinforcement learning and it needs to do self introspect to correctly categorise which is the right path of life. The weights are the only thing which it has to enhance while taking every little step and needs to minimise all the bad rewards. The bad rewards are the only factor that may change weights drastically while transitioning between phases.

If everything went well it will become a good and responsible citizen.

Do we have any difference between Artificial Intelligence and Humans?

Yes, the only difference is of "Feelings/Emotions". Human has feelings but AI machines only follow data/instructions. We fall in love because we feel the matching resonance. We manipulate decisions because of emotions. Many advertisements, thieves, businessmen, industries, and many more misuse our emotions for their means. They usually trade our feelings for their product or service. Let suppose if we don't have feelings we all will be the same and we don't require any police or control systems like law and orders because there is no point of failure in machines. Many leaders and negotiators hit your emotion to get the counts.

In the conclusion, indeed we are the unique art of god, we are blessed with many things use them properly, use our emotions and feelings in the right place for the right purpose.

Wisdom is more powerful than information or data



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Rishipal Singh

He is a Research Scholar of the National Institute of Technology, Jalandhar. He has published many research papers in reputed conferences and journals